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The Anticoagulation Module manages and monitors patient's Warfarin dosage.

The Anticoagulation Module uses a patient’s blood test results to recommend the next Warfarin dose and the next clinic visit, via a set of algorithms, and warns of possible dose cessation if the results are dangerously abnormal. The algorithms that govern dosage levels are fully user interactive and can be modified to suit the anticoagulant population. The module also allows the calculated results to be manually overridden by the clinician if the need arises.

In order to calculate the recommendations, the program must have the following blood test results: International Normalized Ratio (INR), Target INR, and previous Warfarin dose. Patient reports are provided in cumulative format and as statistical plots that give the user, at a glance, the progress of the patient. The module supports Patient Letters informing them of their results, next visit, and any other instructions.