OMNILAB is a Multi-Lab, Multi-Discipline Laboratory Information and Management System that supports unlimited laboratories in a pathology network.OMNILAB is a Regional LIS software package providing full integration to all laboratory departments including Chemistry, Haematology, Histopathology, Cytology, Genetics, Neonatal and others

Multi Discipline LIMS

  • Chemistry
  • Haematology
  • Microbiology
  • Cellular Pathology
  • Other routine lab departments

Specialist Disciplines

  • Molecular and Cytogenetics
  • Newborn Screening
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Mortuary
  • Anti-coagulation Clinic

Quality Control System

  • Levy Jennings Plots
  • Westgard Rules
  • Internal/External QC

Q-Writer AdHoc Reporting

  • Q-Writer Custom Reports
  • ODBC compliant Database
  • NPEx Pathology Exchange interface

Optional Modules

OMNI-View - Integrated Document Scanning

  • Automated Document Scanning
  • Automated Indexing

Document Content Management Module

  • Documents based on ISO 15189
  • Accereditation Learning Management
  • Standard Operating Procedures

ISS Alerts - Patient Alerts

  • Email Notification
  • Infection Control Flags
  • Notifiable Results

ISS-Analytics - Business Intelligence

  • Data mining of LIS database
  • Clinical and management pivot tables

eCollect - Electronic Collection Module

  • Order Management
  • Sample Collection
  • Supports mobile wireless devices

Bio-repository Module

  • Bio repository sample management module
  • Patient consent management
  • Recording of Tissue Information
  • HL7 ORU result messages when tissue 'Obtained'

Sample Registration Module

  • Records Specimen Received
  • Records Containers and volumes received
  • Integrates to ISS eCollect mobile phlebotomy module

Sample Receipt Module

  • Used in conjunction with ISS eCollect
  • Scan specimen upon receipt
  • Automatically fully register sample

ISS AIH- Analytical Instrument Hub

  • All analysers interfaces
  • Multi Vendor Analysis Hub
  • Output to LIMS,EPR,EMR

Overdue Results Monitor

  • Large lab-wide screen display
  • Real time automatic updates and screen refresh
  • Lab manager access for control and variation

Phone Results Module

  • Real time browser based
  • Automatically displays urgent and phone results
  • Links to the phone log module

Card Registration

  • Specific for newborn screening Labs

Current Developments

Cellular Pathology Portal

  • Enhanced specimen processing
  • Enhanced auditing
  • Enhanced tracking
  • Easy additional work orders
  • Real time slide label printing at Microtomy
  • Integration of all aspects of cellular pathology

Sample Tracking

  • Enhanced Sample tracking
  • Automated tracking through work flow process
  • Enhanced storage and retrieval

New Results Entry/Authorisation

  • Browser based